Organ Cupcakes topped with brains, hearts and lungs.
Vanilla cupcakes filled with red “blood” (salted caramel). Comes with vanilla buttercream, sugarpaste decorations and a syringe filled with caramel blood. Pictures coming soon.
From Ellis Wells, priced at £3 each


Intestine Skull Cupcakes
Red vanilla pod cupcakes with blueberry filling, topped with vanilla buttercream and rose jelly ‘intestines’ and a chocolate skull.
From All Mine Patisserie, priced at £3 each.


Varicose vein cupcakes from Lorna’s Cakery
Priced at £3 each


Based on various real Anatomical Veni, and the final addition to the Cake for Breakfast Chocolate Victorian Pharmacy, is this AMAZING creation from Chris. Approx. 750g of white high quality chocolate; for sale as a set in a limited edition at Eat Your Heart Out 2012.
Price TBC


Human Cell Truffles
Cherry nucleaus covered in marzipan, studded with mitrchondria sprinkles, encased in pink white chocolate membrane. Sold in a presentation box. 
By Leshie Loves Cake, £2


Flesh Cupcakes
Chocolate truffle cupcake with rum chocolate buttercream frosting encased in edible flesh and dark rum filled injection.
By Leshie Loves Cake, £3 each


Red Blood Cell Cupcakes - Denise Bakes Cakes
Blood cell platelet topped red velvet cupcakes with raspberry jam and syrup, the perfect cupcake for all phlebotomists, or those who simply enjoy partaking in hematolagnia - £2.50 each


A set of 6 white chocolate vertebrae with dark chocolate ganache filling

From Sarah Hardy,  priced at £14 per box.

Pictures coming soon…


Oh my, these poor wounded bakewell tarts have been ‘bruised’. Pink all butter shortcrust pastry with painted blueberry bakewell filling.
From  by All Mine Patisserie, £3 each


'Profitermoles' from All Mine Patisserie - go DIY this Halloween and use these choux pastry 'moles' as anatomical decoration for a range of treats or simply eat them on their own.
OK, so actually they are a small jar of chocolate mini profiteroles with a vanilla and blueberry buttercream and caramel bottom.
£5 each.